Custom Domains

Cloudnode allows you to have applications written and hosted on Cloudnode respond to requests from your own domain names. For example, if you own the domain and the application, then you can configure things such that visitors to are served by the Node app. The app is still created and hosted on Cloudnode servers.

To accomplish this, you need to:

  • Own a domain.
  • Configure it to point to the Cloudnode platform.

To own a domain, you can use any popular registrar service such as GoDaddy or EasyDNS. To configure it to point to the Cloudnode platform, you need to create a “CNAME” record. See instructions for how to do this with GoDaddy or with EasyDNS.

DNS can be tricky, so if you need help, just ask in the Cloudnode group.

Example CNAME Record CNAME

Make sure to use the symbolic name and not an IP address, because IP addresses are changing.

Steps to activate a custom domain on Cloudnode

Custom domains are added as routes to you application using the Cloudnode command line. To add the domain to your application:

  1. Go to your configured application directory
  2. Run the following command line:
$ cloudnode appdomain add

After these steps your application should be reachable under the URL