The Cloudnode platform offers a CouchDB database option to store persistent data. The database is connected through a fast local network. We also provide a SSL secured remote connection, which can be used to access the database remotely or for replication.

CouchDB Administration

The “Databases” tab lists your databases. From here you can also create new databases, delete existing database or manage your databases using the Futon Web GUI. You can add sharing rules and manage your map reduce functions. Clicking on a database name opens the database detail page, where you find your API key and URLs to externally access you database.

CouchDB Credentials

Your app’s environment is populated with variables that contain all data to access the CouchDB. To do so select the CouchDB during application creation. The environment will receive the follow variables:

  • “DBHOST”=”ip address”
  • “DBUSER”=”CouchDB user name”
  • “DBPWD”=”CouchDB password” (also called CouchDB apikey)

You can check these values from the “Manage App” screen by clicking “Get Env”.

Usage Example

We plan to provide example apps that demonstrate how to use Node.js and CouchDB. We are currently preferring cradle to access CouchDB. Cradle can be installed using npm. For details on using npm with your Node VM see Node package manager.